Homepage / Press-center / News / Technoparks in the Eurasian region completed training on IP licensing

A regional meeting for technoparks was held in Tashkent as part of a joint project of the EAPO and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The seminar, attended by representatives of Uzbekistan and EAPO member states, focused on licensing.

WIPO experts and guest speakers presented the peculiarities of licensing agreements and current challenges in negotiating IP licensing in technoparks, with due consideration of their status. A coaching session was held, where teams of participants simulated preparation for negotiations and discussion of license agreement terms on the basis of a real case study.

“It is very important that the seminar be focused on the practical aspects of concluding license agreements. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, the teams have an opportunity to discuss different strategy options and peculiarities of contracting with private companies and universities, while in EAPO member states, many technoparks are based in universities.

We believe that technoparks should master the methodology of such work in order to expand the horizons and markets for their residents,” said EAPO President Grigory Ivliev.