The highest standard of examination quality is our priority

Foreword of the President of the Eurasian Patent Office

Dear colleagues,

Despite economic turbulence and geopolitical factors, the indicators for the filing of Eurasian applications and the maintenance of Eurasian patents for inventions in the territory of the Member States remain stable: we received 3,689 applications and saw more than 7% growth in valid patents in 2023.

The Eurasian Patent Office granted 3,787 patents in 2023, which is a record in history of the Office.

The increase in activity of applicants from the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC) Contracting States is a positive trend for us. The number of patents granted grew by almost 50% compared to last year and amounted to 25% of the total number of patents granted.

Patent owners from States not party to EAPC remain interested in the Eurasian Patent System. The number of valid patents owned by applicants from the United States, Great Britain, China, and several other countries is growing.

The Eurasian Industrial Design System is steadily developing. In 2023, the number of applications increased by 58%, and the geographic scope of users expanded to 26 states.

One of our main tasks is to ensure the development of the Eurasian Patent System in view of the current environment, new market demands, and the long-term objective of Eurasian economic integration. The EAPO Development Program up to 2028 was approved in May 2023.

The program includes 8 main development areas, all of which are somehow aimed at making the Eurasian Patent System more accessible to and convenient for applicants. Implementation has already begun.

The key focus is, certainly, improving the quality of the services rendered by the Eurasian Patent Office. This track includes measures to improve the quality of examination and the legal regulation and methodology for the examination of Eurasian applications. We are making our best efforts to ensure that our quality management system meets the strictest requirements of international standards. Measures have been taken to optimize the processes of the examination of Eurasian applications. Following the results of 2023, the first average validity term was 8.9 months, and the average duration of examination of applications was 3.2 months.

In 2023, the Eurasian Patent Office continued functioning as an International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and prepared 23 international search reports. For us, this function is evidence of trust in the Office and the quality of its services. We are ready to perform prompt and efficient international searches for all interested parties.

The development of a user feedback system is an important element of quality. In April 2023, the Assembly of Eurasian Patent Attorneys was established. For the Eurasian Patent Office, this is an important link for communication with the professional community. We consider the Assembly a platform for the formation of a consensus opinion among Eurasian patent attorneys on the improvement of regulatory legal acts and the Eurasian Patent Office’s approaches to examination.

The progress has been achieved in the creation of a common Eurasian information and examination space. This activity includes expert and IT dialogue with the national patent offices of the EAPC Contracting States. Two cooperation agreements were signed in 2023 for patent search and the examination of applications for patents for inventions, one with the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia and one with the State Agency for Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic. Because Eurasian and national patents for inventions remain in effect on the territory of the countries concurrently, the creation of a common space will help to avoid collisions and disputes.

IT cooperation between IP has become systematic, with a focus on the introduction of common state-of-the-art digital solutions into office activities and on improving the level of information security. A solution for accepting applications with 3D models of the subject matter claimed was successfully scaled in 2023. Promising priority areas include the development of electronic filing systems for Eurasian applications, the integration of public registers to create a common Eurasian register, joint projects for the application of artificial intelligence technologies, and other projects.

The creation of a new integrated Eurasian Patent Office information system is underway with the aim to facilitate the administrative processes in the Eurasian Patent Office and interaction with users of our service. We are upgrading our information systems to make electronic services as convenient as possible and meet the needs of applicants.

The Eurasian Patent Office’s approach to Eurasian patents appealed according to the national procedure has been revised. The office takes active part in the administrative and legal proceedings in the EAPO member states, where the Eurasian Patent Office’s decisions are appealed. It is our intent to continue to confirm the quality of the work performed by the Eurasian Patent Office’s examiners, which guarantees all patent owners reliable legal protection of their intellectual rights.

We are improving the status of data received from the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Register. EAPO acts have already been adopted to enable the addition of information on national patents for inventions to the pharmaceutical register upon the request of the right holder. Together with the EAPO member states, we are engaged in the elaboration of a mechanism for the consolidation of the legal status of information and the use of data in law enforcement practice at the national level.

The enhancement of scientific activities and educational initiatives is an important component of our efforts. The Eurasian Patent Office has expanded the financing of such projects to contribute to the overall improvement of patent culture throughout the Eurasian space. This includes both conventional formats and new projects. An internship for information security experts and a fellowship program for examiners from states that are underrepresented in the Eurasian Patent Office were introduced in 2023. I would like specifically to highlight the training program implemented jointly with the World Intellectual Property Organization for pilot technoparks in the EAPC Contracting States to develop their potential in terms of the commercialization of the results of intellectual activity.

The International IP Eurasia Conference expanded its horizon in 2023. Cooperation with India as one of the dynamically developing technology leaders and key partners for the Eurasian states in terms of economic cooperation was the core topic.


Great effort was made in 2023 in all areas of the Office’s activities. The Eurasian Patent Office has ambitious plans that reflect the requests of applicants from all over the world.

The 30th anniversary of the signature of the Eurasian Patent Convention will be celebrated on September 9, 2024. The Eurasian patent system has proven to be quite efficient, and the Eurasian Patent Office, supported by the member states of our Organization, will continue ensuring its further dynamic development.