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The State Research Center “Institute of Immunology” of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency has patented an invention that can produce a single-component vaccine against both birch pollen allergen and apple allergen. The vaccine not only relieves symptoms but also guards against allergies.

Birch pollen is the most frequent and widespread allergen in Russia. More than 10% of the population suffers from birch pollinosis.

Apples and some other fruits can be dangerous for people allergic to birch pollen because such products can provoke a cross-reactive allergy.

The development of a recombinant polypeptide that can produce blocking antibodies to both birch pollen allergen and cross-reactive food allergens such as apple allergen in a single protein is a technical result of the patented invention. It makes it possible to obtain a single-component vaccine instead of using vaccines with two or more allergen derivatives.

The vaccine against allergy based on the recombinant polypeptide does not induce allergic reactions. Instead, it strengthens the immune system defenses against allergens. It is non-toxic and safe as it eliminates the possibility of T-cell activation producing pro-inflammatory factors.

Eurasian patent No. 045191 (in Russian only)