Homepage / Press-center / News / Eurasian industrial design patent became the subject matter of the pledge agreement for the exclusive right to intellectual property for the first time

The Eurasian Patent Office has registered a pledge of exclusive right to the design of the luminaire:

Eurasian Patent No. 000038, patent owner is LLC “Scientific and Manufacturing Enterprise – “LOSEV” (RU)

The Eurasian patent owner, who exercised his or her right to pledge the exclusive right to industrial design, is a scientific and manufacturing enterprise in the field of LED lighting and optics manufacturing, a Skolkovo Innovation Centre resident, and the winner of the All-Russian project competition for enhancing energy efficiency and energy saving.

The pledgee was the Moscow Small Business Credit Assistance Fund.

Eurasian industrial design patent does not only protect one’s exclusive right to an industrial design in seven countries simultaneously on the basis of one single patent. A Eurasian patent is also an intangible asset of the patent owner, who is entitled to transfer the exclusive right to the industrial design to another person or to pledge it, as well as to license the use of the industrial design.