The Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) closed its eleventh session at the headquarters of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

More than 200 delegates from over 70 countries and 14 international organizations attended the session, which took place from December 4 to December 8.

The agenda of the session was very rich. It included reports on the work of twelve Task Forces focusing on specific digitalization projects, discussion and prioritization of the Committee’s objectives, the development of a new standard, and the revision of three existing WIPO standards. The participants also shared their experience with the implementation of WIPO standards, technical cooperation projects, and the development of advanced information systems and technologies.

The delegates of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) reported on the strategic documents adopted this year regulating the development of the IT sector in the Eurasian Patent Organization, the Office’s plans for the development of information systems and services, and regional cooperation in the field of information technologies.

The EAPO delegation presented the EAPO practice in implementing and developing the authority file of patent documents (WIPO Standard ST.37) and three-dimensional 3D models (WIPO Standard ST.91).

The EAPO delegates also outlined their plans to implement WIPO standards on the legal status of inventions and industrial designs, exchange of industrial property information.

Among the advanced projects and issues discussed at the meeting were the WIPO project on the development of a unified API catalog to ensure deep integration of IP information systems and the discussions on general principles for data exchange, including the creation of a centralized WIPO-based resource for such exchange.

The EAPO delegates had a number of meetings with heads and specialists from WIPO departments who cooperate with the EAPO on the digital agenda.

The EAPO delegates discussed the further development and possible enhancements in the Russian language quality of the WIPO Translate system implemented in the EAPO with the representatives of the Global Databases Division, which, among other things, deals with the development of WIPO’s artificial intelligence. The participants also discussed other WIPO AI tools. In particular, the EAPO representatives were interested in adjusting the IP classification system to work with patent documents in Russian. Furthermore, the parties discussed the potential for the EAPO to use WIPO software to convert application files submitted in non-searchable formats or on paper into modern formats.

Participants of the meeting with the WIPO Global Databases Division

The EAPO delegates met with the heads of the PCT Information Systems Division and the PCT Technical Cooperation Sector and studied the technical solutions and approaches used by WIPO for the electronic filing and subsequent processing of PCT international applications, plans for the development of digital tools within the PCT to align them with the plans for the EAPO Integrated Information System.

The integration of the EAPO with the WIPO CASE system was discussed during the meeting with the representatives of the IP Office Business Solutions Division. Currently, WIPO specialists are analyzing the documents received from the EAPO and preparing the infrastructure for cross-machine integration.

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