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The 5th Annual Conference on Intellectual Property takes place at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center on February 14 –15, 2024.

The Conference is organized by the Roscosmos State Corporation and the Agat Organization.

The purpose of the conference is to improve research outcomes and technical endeavors of organizations by discussing and seeking solutions to current problems in the field of patent information as well as modern industrial property administration approaches.

The Conference is attended by representatives of organizations in the rocket and space industries, federal executive authorities, and Russian innovative companies.

On the Conference’s first day, February 14, EAPO President Grigory Ivliev spoke at the plenary session on the benefits of using patent analytics tools in large corporations. According to Grigory Ivliev, patent analytics is the most important patenting tool, which is vital for creating a new competitive solution, technology, and product.

“In order to achieve technological independence, it is impossible to keep away from the global system of knowledge and technology. It is necessary to integrate into it and use all available sources of information …… Creation of breakthrough technologies is simply impossible without the fullest possible understanding of existing technological achievements”, noted the EAPO President.

Natalya Belenkaya, Director of the Center for Accounting and Analysis of the Scientific and Technical Activities Results of Roscosmos State Corporation, stressed that patenting in the EAPO is currently a priority for Roscosmos, which is reflected in its strategic documents.

Note: Roscosmos State Corporation was granted the first Eurasian patent for industrial design. It was a patent for “Energy Absorbing Cosmonaut Chair” (industrial design No. 202140001-01).