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The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) and the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) launched an educational project on the Eurasian patent system.

Leading EAPO examiners will take part in a series of webinars organized as part of the project. It will attract entrepreneurs, SMEs, creative and technology companies, MIC participants and partners. The webinars will help the attendees understand the intricacies of Eurasian patenting and probably obtain their first patent with international coverage.

The first webinar was held on October 26. The principal specialist of the Mechanics, Physics and Electrical Engineering Division of the EAPO Examination Department, Nikolay Ziatdinov, explained the main aspects of patent law, the stages of obtaining a patent under the national and regional registration systems, the advantages of the Eurasian Patent System and the Eurasian Patent itself, as well as the specifics of the EAPO’s fee payment procedures.

The participants have an opportunity to ask questions during the webinars.


You can find the webinar schedule here (in Russian)

Presentation of the webinar (in Russian)