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It is our pleasure to announce about the remarkable event at the Eurasian Patent Office: the number of Eurasian applications crosscut the threshold of 50 000. The Eurasian Patent Office expresses gratitude to all the users of the Eurasian patent system and is confident that the Eurasian patent system will continue to serve as an efficient tool for protection of innovative solutions on the Eurasian territory.

The registered 50 000th application “Collimator and inspection system” was filed by two Chinese applicants, TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY (清华大学) and NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED (同方威视技术股份有限公司).

The Eurasian Patent Office would as well like to name its most active applicants such as two of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies:

  • Novartis AG – a global healthcare corporation with headquarters based in Basel, Switzerland. Being the second biggest pharmaceutical company of the world Novartis AG operates in 140 countries and is the second largest pharmaceutical market in Europe. Novartis AG Corporation has filed 530 Eurasian applications;
  • Eli Lilly and Company – an American pharmaceutical company, established in 1876 in Indianapolis (State of Indiana) where the headquarters of the company is based. Eli Lilly is known as the first company starting industrial production of Insulin in 1923. Eli Lilly and Company has filed 519 Eurasian applications.

To mark this event the Eurasian Patent Office will award the above applicants with promotional medal of the Eurasian Patent Office “Advancing the Future”.

Marking the 50 000th application we would like to share some facts regarding the filings with the Eurasian Patent Office for grant of Eurasian patent:

  • applicants from 122 countries over the world are currently users of the Eurasian patent system;
  • countries like Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, People’s Democratic Republic of Korea and Oman for the first time became users of the Eurasian patent system in 2017;
  • the biggest number of Eurasian applications is filed by the USA: in 2017 US applicants have filed 854 applications and 11700 applications since 1996;
  • the USA, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belarus, Great Britain, France, China and Italy are the top-ten leading countries who have filed the most Eurasian patent applications;
  • over 7000 Eurasian applications have been filed by the EAPC member states since 1996, the biggest number of applications being filed by applicants from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • the number of Eurasian patent applications filed in 2017 via the electronic filing system EAPO-ONLINE overpasses 82%.