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A meeting on the occasion of the 50000th Eurasian application filed with EAPO was held on November 30, 2017 at the headquarters of the Eurasian Patent Organization. Led by President S. Tlevlessova the meeting endorsed the Office managing staff and patent examiners, who have been working at the Office since its establishment. Former EAPO President A. Grigoriev was invited to be the honourable guest of the meeting.


Memories of the first filings in 1996, the first ambitious plans of the then young regional organization and the hard work of the EAPO staff towards making the Eurasian patent system sustainable and accomplished followed Mr. Grigoriev’s congratulations to his former staff.

It was with great satisfaction that the present and former Presidents emphasized the high skills of the examiners who the Eurasian Patent Organization is proud of, highlighting the essential role of individual examiners who have preserved the traditions of the scholastic approach for granting strong Eurasian patent.