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The application with a 3D model of the claimed object (3D application) is published on the Eurasian Publication Server. The publication of the document took place in accordance with the Patent Regulations under the Eurasian Patent Convention.

Pursuant to the procedure, the application and the submitted documents, including 3D models of the claimed objects, are published by the Eurasian Office within one month from the date of sending the notification of successful result of the preliminary examination to the applicant. This is required for passing all the stages of preliminary verification, as well as checking the readability of the documents by electronic systems of the office. After all operations at the first stage are completed, the application may be published.

The application have been already mentioned here in November, when the applicant attached a 3D model of the claimed flaw detector object for the first time. Today the application may be illustrated with a 3D model of the claimed object. However, in the original application, the applicants from Innopolis University (Tatarstan, Russian Federation) simply call it a «control and measuring installation».

Users of the Eurasian patent system have had the opportunity to submit Eurasian 3D applications for registration of inventions and industrial designs since November 1, 2022. Innopolis University’s application, described above, was submitted just two days after this option became available.