The results of research studies on integration processes in the IP field in the Eurasian space were presented during the section “Common Eurasian Information and Examination Space”. Grigory Ivliev, President of the Eurasian Patent Office, moderated the discussion.

“At the Innoprom International Exhibition in Kazakhstan on September 25, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, noted that technological sovereignty is now becoming one of the significant sectors of joint work in the Eurasian space. He emphasized the importance of combining resources and expertise to ensure resilience against external factors. Cooperation in the field of intellectual property is also important here.

Global experience shows the demand for mechanisms that would help to avoid duplication of work and to reuse the results of examination. The Eurasian space provides all the prerequisites for advanced partnership in terms of examination and IT,” said Grigory Ivliev.

Irina Ilyina, Rector of the Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in Science and Technology, presented economic aspects of Eurasian integration, patenting trends in the EAPO Member States, and the current practice of localization of high-tech industries.

The speaker noted the lack of highly qualified specialists, high dependence on imports of high technologies, fragmentation of patent information databases and lack of unified digital platforms for IP rights management as common barriers to economic development in all countries.

Andrey Zhuravlev, Head of the International Cooperation Center of FIPS, described the international expertise of IP5 offices in improving the quality of examination and the reuse of examination results. The main principles of this cooperation include common documentation, application forms, examination rules, education policy, a unified system of statistics and the implementation of modern technologies. A proposal was made to test the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program and the Collaborative Search program.

Dmitry Rogozhin, Deputy Director of the Examination Division and Head of the Formal Examination Department of the Eurasian Patent Office, presented the existing cooperation models between the EAPO and FIPS, the EAPO and the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia (under the Agreement on Cooperation in the field of patent search and examination of patent applications). Dmitry Rogozhin paid great attention to the Pilot Program for Enhanced Information Search and Preliminary Assessment of Patentability to implement examination outsourcing options in the Eurasian space.

Tatyana Erivantseva, Deputy Director of FIPS, noted that it is necessary to promptly obtain patent information given the accelerated pace of technological development. The current situation requires integration of patent systems, harmonization of regulations and approaches to the examination of patent applications, publication of applications and patents, and correspondence during the examination of applications.

Denis Zastavnyi, Head of the Information Technology Division of the Eurasian Patent Office, defined the creation of a common IP rights register, the development and use of standard AI tools, and a modern regional search platform with standard approaches in the field of information security as the main directions.

Ilya Kononenko, Deputy Director of FIPS, presented a study on the current situation and prospects for the digitalization of patent offices in the EAPO Member States. He outlined some cooperation modalities in the field of information technologies. They include the creation of a common environment for experts’ cooperation, the creation and development of regional databases on different types of IP objects, the exchange and provision of up-to-date information on the legal status of IP objects, switching to standardized data exchange methods, and ensuring equal opportunities for applicants when dealing with national patent offices and the EAPO.

“The results of scientific research demonstrate the importance of creating a unified Eurasian Information and Examination Space. The extensive international experience will serve as an excellent basis for the implementation of search and examination exchange projects in the region. The key areas of cooperation between the offices in the digitalization sector are becoming increasingly important. We assume that our combined efforts will have an impact on the entire global intellectual property system”, said Gleb Kuvyrkov, Head of the International Cooperation Division of Rospatent.

The EAPO Administrative Council will consider each proposal for the development of cooperation.

Photo: Rospatent Press Service.