The International Conference of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU Court) “Impact of the EAEU Court’s case law on the formation of the EAEU legal system” was held on November 16-17, 2023 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

Representatives of the EAEU Court, the judiciary of all EAEU member states, the Eurasian Economic Commission, customs and antimonopoly authorities, justice authorities of the EAEU member states, as well as leading professionals in international, constitutional, administrative and other fields of law, and practicing lawyers took part in the Conference.

Erna Hayriyan, President of the EAEU Court, Olga Chupris, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Andrey Plotnikov, Chairman of the Economic Court of the CIS, as well as judges of the highest judicial bodies and officials of the executive and legislative authorities of the EAEU member states welcomed the participants of the Conference.

The Conference focused on the EAEU law and its implementation, the EAEU Court’s case law and its impact on the enhancement of regional law and law enforcement in the EAEU member states, the enforcement of the EAEU Court’s decisions, as well as aspects of international justice.

“We witness an active development of the EAEU into a self-sufficient, balanced and attractive macro-region with economic, technological and intellectual leadership that maintains a high standard of living for the citizens of the member states”, stated in the plenary session Erna Hayriyan, President of the EAEU Court.

“It is obvious that the development of economic integration requires reliable legal support. The EAEU is no exception as the EAEU Court plays an important role in the formation of the legal system. It rules on various issues regarding the enforcement of the EAEU law,” emphasized Olga Chupris, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Julia Fedorova, Head of the Legal Division of the Legal and Management Department of the Eurasian Patent Office, highlighted the importance of intellectual property for the economic development of the Eurasian region and the necessity of building an accessible and harmonized mechanism for its protection in order to overcome existing impediments within the common market. Julia Fedorova also emphasized the importance of creating a Eurasian court jurisdiction in the field of intellectual property for centralized litigation, especially for the resolution of disputes resulting from the infringement of rights granted by Eurasian patents.

“The establishment of a Eurasian court jurisdiction will help not only to harmonize the implementation of Eurasian patent law in the EAPC Member States but also to ensure the constitutional right to judicial protection protected by the fundamental laws adopted in the EAPO Member States,” stated Julia Fedorova.

In addition to the EAEU member states, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are also members of the Eurasian Patent Organization.