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Emil Mammadov, Vice President of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO), delivered a speech at the plenary session of the Forum “Perm Business Days”, attended by Alexey Chibisov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Perm Region.

“The EAPO received 89 Eurasian applications from applicants in the Perm Region, and 59 Eurasian patents were granted. The applications cover various fields such as geological exploration, production of pipes and fittings, technologies for mining and processing minerals, and others,” commented Emil Mammadov. on the situation concerning Eurasian patenting in the region. “The region takes the lead in the federal district in terms of export volume and turnover. In 2022, the export volume increased by almost 32%, and the neighboring countries played an important role among the partner countries. At the same time, the Perm Region has greater potential as a region with a powerful production base in terms of Eurasian patent activity. We expect that these indicators will reach a new quality level.”

The EAPO Vice President emphasized that the EAPO Development Program provides new options for entrepreneurs in the Eurasian space interested in expanding the range of objects protected under the Eurasian patent system. The development of the Eurasian dispute resolution system, educational programs in the IP field, improvement of the quality of the Office’s services, and development and accessibility of EAPO digital resources are in high demand among Russian entrepreneurs.

Emil Mammadov, Vice President of the EAPO, and Eduard Sosnin, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Perm Region

In his speech at the plenary session “Small and Medium Business of the Perm Region: From Adaptation to Growth,” Emil Mammadov also highlighted the advantages of using the Eurasian patent system, which allows to obtain legal protection in eight Eurasian countries, and its economic benefits for companies aimed at entering the markets of neighboring countries.

The day before, the EAPO Vice President took part in awarding the participants of the project “Geniuses of the Kama Region”, which aims to identify and support scientific and technical creativity among talented young people and pupils. You can find the presentation of the project here.

Emil Mammadov awarded two participants of the project with the EAPO Medal “Look into the Future”. Alyona Varlashova, a 15-year-old inventor, was awarded for her project “Obtaining highly effective strains of Rhodococcus microorganisms for biodegradation of oil and oil products onboard the International Space Station”. The project is being prepared for implementation by the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Building.

Furthermore, 13-year-old Daria Sheinina was awarded the medal. As a child, Dasha was diagnosed with diabetes, but this does not prevent Dasha from living a full life, developing, and achieving high goals. Dasha has invented an adapter for the catheter wire of the insulin pump infusion system and has even already received a Russian patent for a utility model.

“The inventions of the “Geniuses of the Kama Region” project participants impressed me a lot. This is a great achievement to create such complex technical solutions at such a young age. I am glad that, besides inventive work, the girls and their teachers do not forget about legal protection and get patents. I hope that they will continue their work, and we will definitely receive more Eurasian applications from them, as well as more than once we will hear about their breakthrough, vital inventions,” commented the EAPO Vice President on the presentation of awards.