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EAPO President Grigory Ivliev took part in the international seminar “Eurasia: New Horizons”, organized by the Gorodissky & Partners law firm in Dubai on October 26 –27, 2023.

Patent attorneys from Russia and foreign countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Germany, India, Italy, Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and other countries, attended the seminar.

“We all understand that the regional patent system in the Eurasia region was not created by chance. Its formation is the result of several factors. First of all, it is a business demand. In this regard, its aims to ensure the quality of services and make the system attractive for its users are reaching a new level”, said Grigory Ivliev.

The seminar included a series of discussions where participants had the opportunity to discuss the development conditions and prospects of regional patent systems in Europe and Eurasia and the main differences in regional and national procedures.

Furthermore, the participants discussed the impact of sanctions and countermeasures on international trade, trademark protection strategies and new business options in licensing and franchising.

Valery Medvedev, Managing Partner of Gorodissky & Partners law firm, stated: “We have decided to hold the seminar in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region not by chance. We notice a growing number of requests from business representatives in this region. They stem from the improvement of trade relations and connected to the protection of their intellectual property in the investment-attractive and rapidly developing Eurasian region”.