The plenary session of the Third Patent Congress, which was held on October 17 and was hosted by the Russian national group of AIPPI, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, focused on the Eurasian integration. Patent attorneys from Russia and Kazakhstan attended the session.

Grigory Ivliev, President of the Eurasian Patent Office, shared his views on the development trends of the Eurasian patent system with the community of patent attorneys and presented the main aspects of the EAPO Development Program until 2028.

Grigory Ivliev highlighted the growing demand for Eurasian patenting due to the current economic situation: “We believe that the share of Russian exports to Eurasian countries will grow. Export flows are being reoriented, Russian companies are setting up branches in friendly countries, and highly qualified Russian specialists are working in Eurasian countries. In addition, new mechanisms to support industrial cooperation are being created at the EAEU level. Protection of rights to technologies, designs and brands will play a decisive role in such joint projects in any field.”

The speakers noted both the general nature of challenges in the Eurasian region and the requirement for practice harmonization.

Yuri Bolotov, Managing Partner of Bolotov & Partners, presented the specifics of utility model registration and patent litigation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Eduard Shablin reported on the establishment of the Assembly of Eurasian Patent Attorneys, plans, and current goals of the Assembly, including the creation of working committees, the organization of events and joint work on improving EAPO regulations.