Annual Report 2018

President’s Foreword

The international cooperation has always been one of the Eurasian Patent Office’s top priorities. So, in 2018 EAPO stepped up its efforts in this area, broadening the horizons of cooperation.

In 2018 EAPO continued to refine the procedure for filing and examination of applications for the grant of Eurasian patents for inventions, improve conditions for applicants and patent owners and promote the Eurasian patent system. 

EAPO President

Eurasian Patent Examination

The year 2018 saw 432 applications filed directly with the Eurasian Patent Office, which accounts for 12.4 per cent of overall Eurasian application filings during the year. 413 applications were
filed in 2018 via national IP Offices of the Contracting States, or 11.8 per cent of the total amount of Eurasian applications filed.

Доля международных заявок

International applications accounted for the bulk of Eurasian applications in 2018 totaling 2,643 applications, or 76 per cent of all the applications filed.

Динамика подачи патентов

Eurasian applications filing dynamics under the aforementioned procedures for the applicants from states party to the Eurasian Patent Convention

International Cooperation

The year 2018 saw the Eurasian Patent Office embracing new areas of international cooperation.