Annual Report


Main achievements: Facts and figures

In 2022, the EAPO marked the highest number of applications filed over the last 10 years, and the number of patents granted reached a five-year maximum.

Activities of the EAPO Administrative Council

The Administrative Council activity is a basis for Eurasian integration in the field of intellectual property.

Regulatory activities

Eurasian patent law is an example of a law that moves along with progress.

Eurasian Patent Examination

High quality examination and strong Eurasian patents are constant and key priority of the Office.

Eurasian Industrial Design Applications and Patents

Applicants' demand for the Eurasian system of industrial design protection is growing.

Oppositions and Appeals against Decisions of the Eurasian Patent Office

The dispute resolution procedures protect the rights and interests of users of the Eurasian system.

Digitalization of the Eurasian Patent Office

Digital technologies are the tools of the modern world.

International Cooperation

The international activity of the Eurasian Patent Office takes a multi-vector approach. The Office is actively cooperating with traditional partners as well as in new prospective areas.

Scientific Projects of the EAPO

Innovation activity is a key factor in the dynamic development of the Eurasian region.

Financial performance

Despite the challenging geopolitical situation and the limitations of the global payment system, there have been no changes in the payment procedure for the EAPO.

Eurasian patent attorneys

Tradition is the past that helps to move into the future. The proficiency of Eurasian patent attorneys is our tradition!