Annual Report 2021


Extensive cooperation with patent attorneys from the EAPO member states and the development of the institution of Eurasian patent attorneys are important and significant areas of EAPO activity.

In 2021, following 34 qualification exams, 20 patent attorneys from the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Saratov), the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Zhanaturmys), and the Republic of Belarus (Minsk) were certified and registered as Eurasian patent attorneys specializing in inventions.

In the reporting year, 61 patent attorneys specializing in industrial designs were certified and registered: 56 from the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov) and 5 from the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty).

Qualification exams in 2021 were conducted remotely due to the spread of COVID-19.

Specialists from all EAPC Contracting States are represented among active Eurasian patent attorneys (527 attorneys).

The table below presents the distribution of Eurasian patent attorneys by country and specialization.

State Specializing in inventions Specializing in
industrial designs
Specializing in both inventions and industrial designs
Republic of Armenia 3 0 0
Republic of Azerbaijan 5 0 0
Republic of Belarus 30 0 0
Republic of Kazakhstan 23 5 4
Kyrgyz Republic 1 0 0
Russian Federation 433 56 31
Republic of Tajikistan 3 0 0
Turkmenistan 3 0 0
TOTAL 501 61 35

Registers of Eurasian patent attorneys specializing in inventions and industrial designs are posted in the “Patent Attorneys” section of the EAPO web portal (, as is the text of the Statute on Eurasian Patent Attorneys defining the evaluation procedure for candidate Eurasian patent attorneys, together with the contents of the certification exam.