One of the high-priority directions during the elapsed period was and still remains the strengthening and development of collaboration with international organizations in the area of industrial property protection, the main ones being the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Organization (EPO), Interstate Council on the Protection of Industrial Property, Interstate Economic Committee of the Economic Union, and International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Visit of Director General of the WIPO Mr Idris
Visit of Director General of the WIPO Mr Idris
Visit of The Official Delegation
 of the Austrian Patent Office
Visit of The Official Delegation
 of the Yugoslav Patent Office
Visit of The Official Delegation
 of the ASEAN
Visit of The Official Delegation
 of the ASEAN

WIPO continues to render financial and technical assistance and consulting services to support the activity and initiatives of EAPO. The management and employees of WIPO want the relations between these two organizations to persist, grow and strengthen.

Regular consultations at various levels are held between WIPO and EAPO on a wide spectrum of issues. EAPO experts have attended training seminars organized by WIPO.

EAPO delegations regularly participate in the sessions of WIPO Governing Bodies, Standing Committee of WIPO on Information Technologies and its working groups, Standing Committee of WIPO on Patent Law, and Ad-hoc Consulting Group on Legal Issues of the PCT.

The European Patent Office made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of the Eurasian Patent Office.

Supply of equipment to EAPO, professional and language training of EAPO employees, providing of access to patent and associated information using both traditional methods and the latest information technology developments, establishment of information funds, implementation of various regional projects and programs - this is the list of core areas where the EPO rendered practical aid to EAPO.

In 1999 the European Patent Office had on the whole completed the implementation of the automated administrative system (Common Software System) at EAPO.

EAPO experts received training at various seminars held and/or financed by EPO.

Close business relationships have developed between the management of EAPO and that of the International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI). From the time of the establishment of the new regional intergovernmental organization its experts have on several occasions used the capabilities provided by AIPPI to inform representatives of foreign business circles and the world community about the advantages of using the Eurasian Patent Organization.

Created by the Inter-state Council on the Protection of Industrial Property, the Organization maintained contact with this international body; it participates as an observer in its sessions and takes part in regularly held consultations on various aspects of collaboration.


In 1999 the Chairman of the Administrative Council of the Organization, the President of EAPO, heads of subdivisions and their employees visited, conducted negotiations and/or became acquainted with the work of patent offices of Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Rumania, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine and Japan, was well as the European Patent Office and WIPO.

In February 1999 His Excellency Dr. Kamil Idris visited the EAPO headquarters, became acquainted with the results of its activity and met the staff. He praised the organization, noted that it is well supplied with equipment, and remarked on high potential of this regional intergovernmental body.

During the elapsed period the EAPO headquarters were visited by delegations from patent offices of Austria headed by President Dr. Otmar Rafeiner,

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia headed by its director Ms. L. Radosavlievic,

and official representatives of ten offices responsible for the protection of intellectual property of the Associate of South-Eastern Asian Nations (ASEAN).

In June of 1999 a three-member delegation of the Turkish Patent Office became acquainted with the work of examination and information departments of EAPO.

In August and September of 1999 a representative of EAPO delivered a report on the activity of EAPO at the Third international scientific and practical conference "Current problems of intellectual property" in the City of Simferopol (the Ukraine).

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