Dear Professor Blinnikov,

In anticipation of the forthcoming fifth anniversary of the founding of the Eurasian Patent System I congratulate both you and your staff for transforming the vision of a Eurasian Patent System into reality.

Following the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, the successor states acted remarkably quickly in drafting the Eurasian Patent Convention. The ratification of this Convention by many of the CIS countries shortly thereafter paved the way to the very rapid creation of the Eurasian Patent Office, open to receive Eurasian Patent applications. I know that this could not have been achieved without the dedication and commitment of the staff of the EAPO, and more particularly to your personal vision of that which could be achieved. I would also like to commend the member states of the Eurasian Patent Convention, and successive chairmen of the Council for offering continued support to the EAPO during the Important formative years. 1 am also aware that the process of creating the Eurasian Patent Office has not always been easy in the context of the continuing evolution of the political and economic situation in the CIS countries. Nevertheless, your perseverance has paid great dividends in the form of an internationally recognised and respected regional patent office.

The EPO has been proud to assist the EAPO in its development, particularly in the areas of technical infrastructure, staff training and awareness activities. I would also like to take this opportunity to assure you that the EPO will continue to offer assistance In so far as it is able in the years to come.

The Eurasian Patent System Is playing an increasingly important role in the world patent system. Just as the European Patent System is the primary means by which patent applicants, both within Europe and from other countries, obtain patent protection in Europe, it is to be hoped the Eurasian Patent system will be seen to fulfill a similar role for the CIS region. In this regard, much still needs to be done to promote the Eurasian Patent System to potential applicants within the member states of the EAPO, and also from other countries and regions of the worid. An increasingly successful Eurasian Patent system will make a valuable contribution to the development of the world patent system In years to come.

Once again, Dr. Blinnikov, I congratulate you and your staff for all your efforts of recent years in the development of the Eurasian Patent system, and wish you every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. h.c, Ingo Kober President

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