Press Release on EPO Presidentís Participation in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum


June 1, 2017: EAPO President Saule Tlevlessova delivered a speech in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum panel session Innovative Development and Protection of Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy.

Photo: EAPO President S. Tlevlessova, session moderator I. Rossius, Chairman of Skolkovo Foundation Board I. Drozdov

The session discussed the role of intellectual property in the innovative development of states, issues on intellectual property protection system adaptation to the digital economy requirements, new challenges demanding overcoming territorial limitations of legal protection instruments, accelerated registration of rights, introduction of digital services used in registration and subsequent management of rights. Heads of patent offices, representatives of businesses leaders, IT-companies, innovation centres, higher education institutions, companies specializing in the suppression of violations of intellectual property rights took part in the panel session.

Photo: Director General of Federal Service for Intellectual Property G. Ivlliev, EAPO President S. Tlevlessova, Director of Federal Institute of Industrial Property Yu. Zubov

In her speech S. Tlevlessova highlighted the efficiency of regional patenting systems which provide for quick and cost-effective trans-border technology transfer, the importance of a strong patent from the point of view of reliability of investment protection. Ms. Tlevlessova spoke about the efforts made at the global and regional levels as well as in patent offices to simplify patent procedures and cut down the processing times.

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