Press Release on the Visit of ThyssenKrupp Intellectual Property GmbH Delegation to the Eurasian Patent Office


February 1, 2017: a delegation of ThyssenKrupp Intellectual Property GmbH, Germany, headed by CEO Dr. Stephan Wolke, paid a visit to EAPO.

The visit was organized with the aim of an insight of the Eurasian Patent Organization and ThyssenKrupp, as well as discussion of possible cooperation between the parties.

Within the frameworks of the visit the ThyssenKrupp delegation met EAPO President Saule Tlevlessova. Several issues were discussed in the meeting; among them, essential aspects of patent protection in the Eurasian region, the statistics of fillings with EAPO by various companies of ThyssenKrupp group as well as ways for further cooperation between EAPO and ThyssenKrupp were outlined.

One of the possible directions of cooperation could be the organization of visits by narrow-field examiners of EAPO and representatives of Eurasian patent attorneys to IP and engineering departments of ThyssenKrupp for studying current industry-specific matters, practices of compilation of patent applications, the company’s approach to creation and management of IP assets.

The meeting at the President was proceeded by another meeting of the ThyssenKrupp delegation with directors and experts of various departments of EAPO with the attendance of representatives of “Gorodissky and Partners” law firm. During the meeting the visitors gave a presentation on strategy of the company in Industrial Property. In return EAPO representatives introduced the advantages of the Eurasian patent procedure, main statistical data of the Office, gave an overview of information products and services provided by EAPO and answered questions on the matter. By the end of the meeting the visitors had an opportunity to visit some workplaces in the Examination Department of EAPO, to meet EAPO examiners and to study certain procedural routines of EAPO.

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