Congratulations on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day


Dear Friends and Colleagues!

I congratulate you on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, which this year is held under the motto "Innovation - improving the lives".

Today, in the era of rapidly developing high technologies, innovations are actively used in education, healthcare, telecommunications and other spheres of life. Due to the development of technologies, including nanotechnology, the world learned to deal with diseases previously considered incurable, began to manage the production process, without departing from the control panel, was accustomed to being in communication regardless the distance. At the same time, the world is learning to develop innovative technologies that contribute to environment protection and energy saving. I express my gratitude and appreciation to inventors, innovators and all those whose work is related to intellectual property, who live in the creative world, daily working on creating new solutions aimed at improving the quality of life and the planet as a whole. I wish you new ideas and realization of your plans!

S. Tlevlessova President, EAPO

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