On September 19, 2004, Dr. Arpad Bogsch Passed Away at the Age of Eighty-five


Dr. Arpad BogschA man has left this world whose enormous energy, drive, and intellect was devoted for more than fifty-five years to the business of intellectual property and its development on an international level - a business that defines, in the long run, the prospects of human civilization.

The founder and, for many years, director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, he did much to strengthen the potential of the WIPO in all the areas of its activity.

One of the results of his multifaceted work in the position of General Director of the WIPO was the idea of forming a Eurasian Patent System being brought to life.

Dr. Arpad Bogsch stood at the source waters of the development of the Eurasian Patent Convention in the very draft in place today which allowed the young governments of the region to be united in a single patent space at a time which was very difficult for them, uniting in the interests of these governments and the international community as a whole. His personal and professional contribution to the fact that today the Eurasian Patent Organization has become widely accepted and in demand in the world in difficult is priceless.

The Eurasian Patent Organization and the Member States of the Eurasian Patent Convention will always remember everything tied to the name of Dr. Arpad Bogsch.

Warm and happy memories of this extraordinary man will always remain in the hearts of his contemporaries.

On behalf of the Eurasian Patent Organization,

President of The Eurasian Patent Organization
A.N. Grigoriev

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