Meeting of Eurasian Patent Attorneys


An annual meeting of the Eurasian patent attorneys was held in Moscow on June 3th, 2004.

Meeting of Eurasian Patent Attorneys

The meeting was held in the headquarters of the Eurasian patent organization under the auspices of Mr. A.N. Grigoriev - President of the Eurasian patent organization, the chairman of the EAPO qualification commission.

The meeting was attended by 32 Eurasian patent attorneys from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, Erevan and Almaty as well as by the EAPO experts.

Meeting of Eurasian Patent Attorneys

The Eurasian power attorneys Leading EAPO experts have delivered reports on the following items:

  • Director, Formal examination Department Mr.Alexander Sechikhin "Particulars of patenting inventions in accordance with the eurasian procedures"

  • Director, Registry of Eurasian patents Department Mr. Nureddin Baberli: "Procedure of forming payment documents automatically on the EAPO Web-site for paying fees for maintaining eurasian patent and renewal thereof".

  • Deputy-Director, Search & Information Systems Department Mr.Alexey Porkhunov "New opportunities and prospects of the EAPO Web-portal; the EAPO official issues; the EAPO participation in Esp@cenet project".

  • leading expert, Automation Department Mr. Vasiliy Trubachev ": "Creation prerequisites for interacting with patent attorneys in the Internet (upgrading an electronic register of eurasian patents, personal access to the EAPO managing system and electronic payments)".

  • Director of Dataware Department Mr.Vladimir Sirotyuk: "New abilities and characteristics of the Eurasian patent-information system (EAPATIS) and prerequisites for use thereof by power attorneys via the Internet".

  • Expert of Dataware Department Mr.Anton Ovchinnikov "A new information product EAPO -CD-ROM "Eurasian patent documentation, composite index" (composition, content, search abilities, subscribing and distribution conditions).

Meeting of Eurasian Patent Attorneys

Besides, the EAPO experts have cleared questions related to the meeting made by the patent attorneys.

The next EAPO patent attorney meeting is scheduled for April 2005.

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