Annual Meeting with the Patent Attorneys



Traditionally on April 26-th, 2005 the Eurasian Patent office held an annual meeting with the EAPO patent attorneys timed to the World Intellectual Property Day.

At the meeting the Eurasian patent attorneys were represented by heads and experts of patent attorneys firms and by private businessmen from the Russian Federation (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Perm), as well as from the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakstan.

Contenders for the Eurasian patent attorneys, representatives of the intellectual property mass media, the EAPO heads and leading experts have participated in the meeting.

The meeting was initiated by the EAPO President A.N. Grigoriev.

Mr. Grigoriev’s report was devoted to the results of the EAPO activities characterized by an evident increase of patenting by the Eurasian patent procedure and level of its information access, advantages of the Eurasian patent procedure and positive effects obtained by the Member States of the Eurasian Patent Convention upon their national patent systems and international cooperation in the field of international property protection.

The EAPO leading experts have delivered reports on examining the Eurasian applications and granting patents, prospects and problems of electronic filing, providing the Eurasian information to the Eurasian patent attorneys and other trends of the EAPO activities significant for improving professional level of the Eurasian patent attorneys and developing cooperation between both sides.

All reports and information were supported by electronic presentations and attracted a practical interest in the patent attorneys.

Information for providing an access of the EAPO patent attorneys to the Eurasian patent-information system (EAPATIS) developed by the EAPO experts has caused a great interest, as well as an official providing in May an access to the Esp@cenet server developed jointly by the EPO and EAPO. Their use permits both the EAPO patent attorneys and other interested users an accessible effective and convenient tool for receiving current and retrospective world patent documentation including regional and national patent documentation of the EAPO Member States.

Those elements of the Eurasian patent procedure were also considered, which caused some difficulties for patent attorneys, in particular eurasian and national constituents of the eurasian patent maintenance procedure and the procedure of patent fee recalculation in case claims are amended during examining of eurasian applications. Some other items of on-line cooperation with the patent attorneys were also discussed including use of the EAPO web-site and the results are marked in forwarding a eurasian patent attorney personal page on this web-site.

A transliteration problem of foreign companies’ titles applicable to the eurasian filing and patent documentation was also discussed causing lively exchange of opinions and readiness to unite the EAPO and attorney efforts in solving the problem. On the whole the meeting has proved better cooperation between the EAPO and the EAPO patient attorneys in all aspects of mutual cooperation.

As other previous meetings it has become an occasion of constructive dialog for further raising the EAPO’s patient system effectiveness for the sake of its participants and users.

The Eurasian Patent office expresses its gratitude to all Eurasian patent attorneys and guests for active and interested participation in the meeting’s action, which, we hope has become a business and festive event proving special attitude to the World Intellectual Property Day.