EAPO President Awarded EAPO’s Medal “Advancing the Future” to the Grand Prix Winner of the Young Inventors Competition



An official ceremony of awarding the winners of the X International Competition "School Patent - a Step to the Future!" took place on April 26, 2019 in St. Petersburg. EAPO President Saule Tlevlessova became the guest of honor of the event, which completed the jubilee season of the Competition.

President Tlevlessova opened the ceremony, giving a welcoming speech to the organizers, guests and competitors.

Congratulating the audience on the World Intellectual Property Day, EAPO President appealed to young inventors: “The fact that EAPO celebrates its professional day together with schoolchildren speaks about our attitude to you, the future of Russia.”

EAPO President noted the inventive creativity of the participants in the competition and expressed the hope that today's students will be able to lead Russia to a new level of innovative development and return the leadership positions to their country, that the USSR occupied in the field of registration of inventions.

“To become an inventor, it is not necessary to have an honorary title or diploma. You need dedication and interest in new technologies,” said Mrs. Tlevlessova, recalling the well-known inventions created by modern schoolchildren and received worldwide recognition.

EAPO President encouraged young inventors to learn how to design their ideas and solutions as patent applications and drew attention to the patenting privileges up to 90% provided by the Eurasian Office for citizens of Russia and other EAPC Member States.

Saule Tlevlessova congratulated the finalists of the competition, wished all the participants further success and invited them to take part in the Eurasian Patent Universidad “Advancing the Future”. Special words of gratitude for the invaluable work done were addressed by EAPO President to the organizers of the competition.

Awarding the EAPO's gold medal “Advancing the Future” to the Grand Prix winner of the Competition Sergey Fesenko, student of Nakhimov Naval School, Saule Tlevlessova noted the symbolism of the event on the World Intellectual Property Day, whose motto contains the words “Reach for Gold”.