Press-release on conduction of 2014 spring training session for patent examiners and specialists from the National Patent Offices of the States Party to the Eurasian Patent Convention at the Eurasian Patent Office of the Eurasian Patent Organization



From May 19 to June 3, 2014 a session of thematic lectures and practical trainings on the topic of “Examination of Eurasian patent applications and granting of Eurasian patents” was conducted at the EAPO headquarters in Moscow for the specialists from the National Patent Offices of the States Party to the Eurasian Patent Convention.

The trainees were represented by the patent examiners and specialists from the National Patent Offices of the EAPC member-states.

The session was opened by the President of the EAPO A.N. Grigoriev.

The program of the training included a course of lectures and practical exercises from the specialists of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and European Patent Office (EPO).

For the first time in the practice of EAPO trainings a specialization principle was applied: advanced and in-depth consideration of aspects of examination of applications in the field of Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology and Biotechnology.

The theme of the lectures and workshops, carried out by the EAPO specialists, encompassed various aspects of the Eurasian patent procedure. Listeners were informed about the requirements for drafting of Eurasian applications, filing procedure and payment of Eurasian fees on every stage of the patent prosecution and examination of Eurasian applications in the EAPO, the grant and maintenance of the Eurasian patent in the States Party to the EAPC, procedure for review of litigation on Eurasian patent validity.

During the workshops EAPO leading specialists from Chemistry and Medicine Examination Department explained, in details, the principles and peculiarities of examination of applications, relating to organic chemistry, polymeric materials, medicine (methods of treatment), pharmaceuticals, antibodies and biotechnology.

Mr. Enrico Luzzatto the Director of the EPO Directorate, Pure and Applied Organic Chemistry undertook a detailed theoretical and practical training on "Substantive examination of applications in Chemistry and Biotechnology at the EPO"

Specialists from the EAPO Information departments briefed the listeners on the information technologies used in the Eurasian Office for filing Eurasian applications, Eurasian publications server, new search and functional capacities of the EAPATIS system for conducting patent searches.

From the World Intellectual Property Organization Mr. Mikhail Gavrikov - Senior Program Officer PCT International Cooperation Division gave an overview of the modern trends in patenting, PCT and the latest changes in it, as well as talked about the procedure for drafting, filing (including through electronic filing system PCT-SAFE) and consideration of international applications.

At the end of the training session specialists from the National Patent Offices were awarded with Certificates.

Having undergone training at the EAPO, specialists expressed gratitude for the thematic lectures and workshops which enhanced professional knowledge and international cooperation, as well as noted the high level of organization of the training at the EAPO.