Patent of the Month: Affordable Housing Program



No matter how much is said about digital developments, the primary needs of a person are connected with the real tangible world. For example, with the need for housing. Therefore, even in such a conservative industry as construction, there is a constant search for new technologies that make new housing more affordable and at the same time energy efficient.

Eurasian patent No. 040801 of the inventor from Kyrgyzstan, Cholponaly Uulu Usenkul, describes just such a technology – a method for manufacturing three-dimensional heat-saving wall panels, from which you can quickly build reliable warm houses or non-residential buildings.

The strength of such a panel is ensured by means of a lattice reinforced core. For better thermal insulation, expanded polystyrene is added to a special block mold for the manufacture of the panel. The very process of making wall panels is somewhat reminiscent of baking confectionery waffles, when batter is poured into a mold. In this case, the pattern on the sashes of the form can be any. Same approach allies to wall panels: in the block form, you can make any pattern that allows you to set the shape, depth or direction of special grooves on the surface of the panel. During construction, such grooves help to keep the cement mortar on the outside of the wall panel, serve as grooves for additional elements, or can perform a decorative function.

By pouring a mold into which a reinforcing core is pre-embedded and/or polystyrene is added with building mixture, it is possible to organize prompt and mass production of wall panels at any construction site without installing bulky production lines.

Such technology can be in demand in places with difficult transport accessibility, natural disaster sites, or for the construction of workers' camps in harsh natural conditions.

The details of the technology are described in the published patent (in Russian only). .