EAPO Participates in International Forum "Anti-Counterfeiting - 2021"



The delegation of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO), headed by EAPO President Saule Tlevlessova took part in the events of the IX International Forum "Anti-Counterfeiting - 2021" held on 26 - 28 August, 2021 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

The 2021 Forum was held in a hybrid format, and gathered 625 participants from different industries. The forum provides an opportunity to build a constructive dialogue and developing proposals for combating counterfeit goods and protecting intellectual property in general.

President Tlevlessova delivered a welcoming speech at the plenary session of the Forum, emphasizing the stability of cooperation between the EAPO and the Forum throughout the whole period of its existence, bringing together the professional community of the EAEU countries and the entire Eurasian region.

The EAPO President stressed the impact of counterfeit products on intellectual property, as well as its negative impact on the economies of the EAEU countries: "The intellectual property market is growing, meanwhile, we are facing the development of piracy, which presents us new challenges."

In this regard, the EAPO President called for cooperation in order to popularize the fight against piracy and to develop a unified approach to resolving this issue. “For this purpose, the EAPO is ready to take part in the development of a regional strategy in the field of intellectual property,” Saule Tlevlessova said.

The EAPO President also noted the importance of involving young people in the protection of intellectual property, combating counterfeiting of goods and suppressing violations of intellectual property rights.

Saule Tlevlessova spoke about the Eurasian Patent Organization performance on the creation of a regional system of legal protection of industrial designs, the beginning of the acceptance of Eurasian industrial design applications, and the importance of this intellectual property subject matter.

Within the framework of the discussion session "Protection of intellectual property rights as the foundation for the development of the creative economy," the EAPO representative made a presentation on the advantages of the Eurasian patent system for the development of the creative economy of the region.

Another EAPO representative made a speech at the discussion session "The Union's pharmaceutical market: ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical industry, combating the circulation of falsified and counterfeit products". The presentation was related to the EAPO's experience in maintaining the Register of active pharmaceutical ingredients, protected by a patent for invention.