CD-ROM "EAPO Gazette "Inventions (Eurasian Applications and Patents)"

Issued from 2007, it is available on CD-ROM.

It contains bibliographic, synoptic, legal and other reference information. Materials in the Gazette are considered to have been officially published.
Six cumulative CD-ROMs with search software attached are brought out every year.
The documents are provided with hyperlinks to full descriptions that may be downloaded from the database of the Eurasian Patent Information System(EAPATIS).
The 12-th (last) disc for the current years also contains Annual index to the EAPO Gazette.

DVD-ROM "Descriptions of Inventions in Eurasian Patent Documents"

DVD-ROM "     "

From 2010, DVD-ROM "Eurasian Applications: Descriptions of Inventions" and CD-ROM "Eurasian Patents: Descriptions of Inventions" are delivered on a single DVD-ROM "Descriptions of Inventions in Eurasian Patent Documents" and contains information on:

Eurasian applications:
- bibliographic data and abstracts in XML format in Russian;
- descriptions of inventions in Russian TIFF and PDF formats;

Eurasian patents:
- bibliographic data and abstracts, descriptions for inventions in Russian in XML format;
- bibliographic data and abstracts in English (for reference only) in XML format;
- full texts in Russian in PDF format.

The disc is issued on CD/DVD with MIMOSA retrieval software with a possibility to carry out all kinds of patent searches and with web-tools to view descriptions in PDF format and information on corrections. Comes out 12 times a year.